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Inti Rimbo offers services for card printing with high quality, fast service at competitive prices. By having a good business card, will add confidence of which have either individuals, communities and companies.

We have various types of paper to be used as business cards. You can select and customize to your needs from the lowest price, up to the best quality at a higher price.

– Can I email my design to be printed?

Of course you can, you do not have to bother with USB for data storage of your design. We can accept your files in the form of email

– Design my card has not been perfect, does Inti Rimbo offer help?

Of course you can, if you have a concept of design, or design your not perfect and thus require improvement or finishing design, Inti Rimbo can help enhance your business card design. If you want to print business cards with fast, high-quality in every sheet of your business card and at a low price then we are the perfect solution for you.

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